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Mieko Qiaojue, a non-traditional 21st century Buddhist, was born to live a life of predetermination as promised in a blood pact entered into during the early years of the first millennium by the father of his bloodline. In fulfilling his destiny, he would be falsely accused of aiding in the preparation of a terrorist plot to assassinate the 14th Dalai Lama while on a visit to the United States. A boisterous voice against the People’s Republic of China for incorporating Tibet as part of China, his visit would present a rare opportunity to silence him in a way that the blame would fall on the government of the United States. Mieko Qiaojue would be put on trial in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, having been accused of participating in the foiled attempt to assassinate the Dalai Lama. U. S. Assistant Attorney General, Farcia Kwan, second chair to the U. S. Prosecuting Attorney General realizes the prosecution is political and not in keeping with the true spirit of the law. Her future would intertwine with that of Mieko Qiaojue binding them together in ways that the entire world would take notice of. The court drama that follows exposes the cunning of China’s Ministry of Security Service and the manipulation of the United States Attorney General’s Office to obtain a favorable outcome that would have nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of the accused.  

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About the Author

           First off, I confess that I am not a writer - I am a storyteller. I would have been the guy in animal skins painting cave walls to tell the story of early existence not knowing it would take centuries to understand that a picture does indeed express what a thousand or ten thousand words could. I have never searched out a story to write. That is the function of journalists and non-fiction book authors. Storytellers write the story within the story, utilizing fiction to reach the psyche of everyday people who just wish to live a life free of peril and unwarranted distress. Stories that give hope, that suggest an emotional pathway to places of safety where good character, faith in a higher power and family unity are celebrated. Such stories as these are what I write, the concepts of which are seeded by my reaction to other storytellers whose words or visionary offerings make finding pen and paper to capture what has been placed in my psyche a must. 

            Knights Errant depicts a culture where family honor is non-negotiable, where remaining true to an accepted purpose is not challenged, where the welfare of others is paramount. It is a story that challenges the power of government in the struggle of good over evil, framed in hints of mystical interventions. Unique in concept, it is a story that brings honor to one of the world’s great morale disciplines

                                                           b. l. clark

The Past Event That Returns Farcia Kwan To The World Stage Nearly Three Decades Later

 Part One




February 26th, 1991

18:00 Hours                   

Saudi Arabia – Iraq Border



            They had become captives of the desert, willingly at first when thoughts of mortal combat stoked their visions of heroism, but weeks of waiting for the order to advance left them wondering if the opportunity to use the skills of battle so dutifully drilled into them would ever find a theater of operation. What many a poet found wondrous in the great expanse of sand that one moment was shapeless and barren as far as the eye could see, to in minutes be transformed into mounds and dunes as high as buildings, flawlessly sculpted by the ever-present winds of the desert; the Breath-of-Allah as the indigenous population regarded it. But at that moment, on the verge of commencing the attack on a battalion-sized Iraqi infantry unit reinforced by T-55 tanks, armored personal carriers, and elements of an Iraqi commando battalion, the Marine 2nd Brigade, known as the "Iron Brigade, of the 1st Armored Division, was ready to go hunting, engage and defeat whoever stood in their way to complete victory.

            For those who waited to enter a war that commenced weeks before, the opportunity to capture or kill the butcher of  Baghdad, Genral Azim Fute in his hometown of  Al Busayyah was a clear incentive to get it on. Unaware that the Azim Fute had set a trap for the invaders to unknowingly commit what the world would see as an atrocity would haunt one Marine long after the Persian Gulf War ended. When he learned decades later that Azim Fute was living in the United States under the protection of the United States Government,  what results would require the services of the famous attorney, Farcia Kwan.        

          A Farcia Kwan Novel

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